Guys be like “don’t wear leggings if you don’t got no ass” and I see you bitches walking around in muscle shirts without any muscles so pipe the fuck down


you ever think about the other sperm you beat out to exist?

the astronauts?

the rappers?

the concert pianists?

but you, the tumblr blogger

you won

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its the year 4012 and madagascar 267 is officially in theatres

they still arent in new york

somehow they’ve landed on gallifrey

the penguins have the tardis

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how was everyone’s easter???

i fucked an egg



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Me: I can't wear my shorts to school now
Dad: Why not?
Me: because a teacher told me I was showing too much leg, she said "you shouldn't be wearing shorts that are shorter than any skirt you own"
Dad: Too much leg? What does that even mean? Its roasting outside. Why is this teacher so fucking concerned about the top of your legs? As for the skirt thing, they are called SHORTS. The clue is in the name, SHORTS. S-H-O-R-T-S bloody fucking SHORTS.
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Love is…when you keep an eye on him, even he doesn’t notice that.

this may just be my favorite picture ever

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Teacher: Can I see your homework?
Me: Haha no way loser do your own

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I just invented a new word:


Guys stop reblogging this I stole it from a friend.

I realize the irony. 

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;) I learned it from the pizza man

oh. OH!!

Sounds about right actually…

oh sweet lord have mercy

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dear cas